Video Poker Tips

There are many differences between video poker and traditional table poker games. The inability to read opponents is one of the biggest things that differentiate the two games. Most players, over time, learn how to recognize the “tells” of the other players.


Video poker players must learn to read the invisible tells of the machine such as betting patterns and reaction times when they play video poker.

Host Tournaments

Many online gaming institutions try and attract new players through a channel of gaming called host tournaments or satellites. In this model, virtual gamers gain access to real-life poker tournaments via the Internet. Satellite games have been integral into introducing some of the world’s most successful online gamers to the televised poker circuit.

Rate of Play

Players that are new to video poker quickly learn that the play rate is much faster than in table poker. In traditional poker, the player waits for the dealer to collect, shuffle and deal the cards with each new hand. Online poker moves at a much quicker pace and gamers must accustom themselves to this pace in order to have success at the game.

Show of Hands

Even at the accelerated rate of video poker, gamers must still take the time to study their individual hands. If the player is utilizing a machine in a real casino, it is wise to use the casinos video slots player’s card which allows players to get credit for every hand they play in the form of points that can be comped back for patronage at a gaming establishment.

With practice and understanding video poker players can become just as skilled at video poker and running a virtual table as they would playing a real life table poker game. With time, seasoned players learn to read the virtual machine with as much insight and clarity as professional players read their opponents at the gaming table.

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