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Tip 24 – Sit n Go Strategy

Here are the sit n go poker tournament strategies I’ve acquired from many years of profitable online tournament play.
Online sit and go poker tournaments, also known as sit n go’s, or SNG’s are usually single table, ten player tournaments where the top three finishers win the cash.

Example: a $10 tournament would pay $50 for first place, $30 for second and $20 for third.

Single table poker tournaments are excellent practice for playing the final table of multi-table tournaments. The strategies for both are essentially the same.

Sit n Go’s are also great if you’re pressed for time, taking about an hour to play, compared to several hours for a large multi-table event.


Here is the winning strategy I use for low limit ( $5-$20 ) online texas holdem sit n go’s.

This method works especially well for me at Bodog Poker but it will work equally as well at any place you play poker online where you can find impatient, inexperienced poker tournament players.

1. My basic winning strategy for limit and no-limit texas holdem single-table tournaments is to play tight, playing only premium hands in the opening rounds.

Premium hands being AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AK, and AK to A-10 suited. You can add a few more hands like 10-10 or 99 to the list if you like, but play VERY tight early on.

Build your chip stack if you can but concentrate on surviving. Become more aggressive as the blinds increase and more players are eliminated.

2. Don’t be a calling-station. Bet and raise aggressively when you have powerful hands. Bettors have two ways to win, showing down the best hand, or everyone folds and you pick up the pot uncontested.

3. If you have opponents who are overly aggressive, check, and let them be the bettor when you have a strong poker hand.
Trapping your opponent this way will allow you to win more chips by check-raising and re-raising later in the hand.

4. If at any time your chip stack becomes less than five times the big blind, go all-in with any two cards, if you’re playing in a no-limit sit n go or multi-table poker tournament, and you are the first to act.

This is a desperation play. You’re hoping no one has a hand they can call you with and pick up the blinds. Even if you are called you may get lucky cards and increase your stack. Don’t be afraid to make bold plays if the situation warrants such a move.

5.If you find yourself with a large stack of chips late in a SNG ( sit and go ) tournament, one or two spots off the money, play aggressively against the shorter stacked players who are desperate to make it into the top three.

6. Always closely observe your opponents playing style ( tight, loose, aggressive or passive )and pick out who will and who wont, defend their blinds.

This is one of the most important sit n go poker tournament strategies you must utilize. The higher the blinds get, the more valuable this information will become.

Remember the tight players and players low on chips are easier to steal from, be ready to take advantage of these opponents as the tournament progresses.

Sit n Go Poker Tournament Strategies in a Nutshell

Have a strategy plan before the tournament begins.

Decide to only play premium hands in the early rounds. Let the gamblers eliminate each other.

Observe your opponents style closely. Watch for clues that will help you later.

Play aggressively by betting and raising, when you have a strong hand.

Adjust your play based on your chip stack, and the stack of your opponents. Use your large stack to intimidate those who are low on chips.

Make bold moves only under the right circumstances. When desperately low on chips, or to make the most of a very strong hand.
There you have it. A simple plan of sit n go poker tournament strategies that are sure to increase your win percentage.

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