Get Rakeback at PKR Poker

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pkr poker logo Get Rakeback at PKR PokerWould you like to try a great online poker room that has become very popular? Then give PKR Poker a try. This post is for the poker players from the UK and Europe, as players from the United States cannot play at PKR Poker. Here is the download if you would like to install and play poker online at PKR.

PKR poker is the first and best of the 3D online poker sites. You can choose through many different avatars and sit down at one of the hundreds of tables. There are no shortage of varieties of poker games or tournaments here.

pkr poker screenshot Get Rakeback at PKR Poker

PKR Poker uses 3D Poker Software which is one of my favourites. You can get many different views around the table. Take a look at some of the screenshots here. You can zoom in on your hand or get an overhead view of the poker table. To find out more, take a look at this 3D Poker review.

pkr multi table view Get Rakeback at PKR Poker

How to get rakeback from PKR Poker

If you want to get back some of the money that you invest in poker, just sign up at PKR Poker through our rakeback program and receive 30% of your generated rake. If you are already a member of PKR Poker, don’t continue with the following steps. Instead, give us an e-mail and we’ll figure something out for your case.

** 30% rakeback means that at the end of the month, you will receive 30% of the charges back for raked games and tournament entry fees **

Remember not to use the Refer a Friend program that PKR Poker offers, or you will not be able to receive any rakeback whatsoever.

Once you successfully register for an account, you will receive 30% of the rake that you have generated during the course of a month until the 10th of the next month.

You generate rake by playing for real money, either in cash games or in tournaments. Apart from the rakeback, PKR Poker also offers a 100% bonus for your first deposit of up to $800 when you sign up.

If you would rather get a bonus from PKR instead of the rakeback, you should check out this Bonus Code for PKR instead.

PKR Poker offers a number of different poker variations, such as Limit Hold ‘em (with $0.25/$0.50 to $10/$20 limits), No Limit Hold ‘em (where the blinds go from $0.05/$0.10 to $10/$20), or Omaha. You can choose to play either in Sit n Go’s or in Tournaments, for limits appropiate to your level – from $1 limits to $250, you can go wherever you want.

PKR Poker accepts Neteller, Maestro, Visa, Delta, Switch, Click2Pay, check, Solo, Moneybookers or Visa Electron for depositing and withdrawing money to and from your account.

PlayersOnly Poker Rakeback

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If you want to register at Players Only and benefit from one of the largest rakeback systems in online poker, then all you have to do is follow the steps below in order to register through Poker Rakeback Online and get 35% of your generated rake.

Be careful, if you already have an account with Players Only, you’re not eligible to sign up through these steps. Instead, you should give us an e-mail telling us about your situation and we will do our best and get back to you with an offer.

How to get Rakeback from PlayersOnly

First, follow THIS LINK and sign up for an account at Players Only. Make sure you do this after clicking the link above, and make sure you don’t use the Refer a Friend program offered by Players Only.

After you do that, come back here and fill out the form that you can find below (if you have an account with us, please sign in first).
Click here to find out more about the $16,400 in prizes that Players Only is giving out this May!

Once you have registered for an account, you will receive the 35% rakeback. Please note that, as per network policy, you are only able to receive rakeback for one account in the Merge Gaming Network (the network that Players Only is a part of).

Poker Games and Other Bonuses

Players Only offers poker games like Limit Hold ‘em (with limits ranging from $0.25/$0.50 up to $50/$100), No Limit Hold ‘em (from $0.10/$0.20 to $10/$20), Omaha or Omaha 8/b.

The deposit options are through Visa, Mastercard, Cash transfer or UseMyWallet, and you can withdraw money through Check or UseMyWallet.

Apart from the sign up bonus, Players Only also have other promotions, such as the Gold Card 500 and the Gold Card. Make sure you check the other PlayersOnly Poker Bonuses.

Review of Cake Poker Room

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Cake Poker is a part of the large network of online poker websites – Cake Poker Network. Apart from the sign up bonus, you also benefit from other promotions and bonuses, such as the Gold Card 500 or the Gold Card.

Unlike other poker websites, who pay your rakeback every month for the previous month, Cake Poker offers your pay every week, on Thursday.

cake poker room Review of Cake Poker Room

Cake Poker offers a wide range of games, among which we can find Limit Hold ‘em (with games ranging from $0.25/$0.50 right up to $50/$100), No Limit Hold ‘em (from $0.10/$0.20 to $10/$20), and also Omaha or Omaha 8/b. Need some extra help? Take a look at some of the other post like how to improve your poker game.

How to Receive Rakeback from Cake Poker

If you want to get back some of the money that you invest in playing poker, here’s the perfect way to do it.

You can get back part of you rake from Cake Poker just by signing up and following the simple steps below. Just be careful: if you already have an account with Cake Poker, please DO NOT go further. Just let us know and we’ll propose something else.

To get your rakeback just sign up on Cake Poker. First, delete all your cookies. Then, use THIS LINK to sign up and enter 33RAKEBACK in the referral code’s field.

After that, just get back on Poker Rakeback Online and complete the registration by filling out the form below. That’s it.

More Promotions

In addition, make sure you don’t use Cake’s Refer a Friend program when signing up, or else you won’t be able to collect your rakeback. Also, any Russian players may play on Cake Poker, but their rakeback cannot be paid.

Cake Poker Features

Cake Poker has frequent updates to their software and are adding new features all of the time. In their latest round of updates, they have added the following features:

Synchronized Tournament Breaks – For any tournament that is longer than 1 hour, all table in the tournament will receive a 5 minute break at 55 minutes past the hour.

Tournament Filter – Cake has introduced a new and improved poker tournament filter that helps you easily pick out how many tables you want to have playing, whether or not you can rebuy and minimum/maximum tournament buy in.

cake poker mobile Review of Cake Poker RoomYou can also filter by the poker game, no one likes accidentally entering a tournament for a different poker game then you are expecting.

Mobile Poker – Cake poker is one of the only online poker rooms that offers mobile poker for players who have a Windows Mobile device. It is very easy to set up. Just use the web browser on your phone and type in to download their software.

Deposit/Withdrawal Options

You can either deposit or withdraw cash from Cake Poker through the following methods: Visa, Mastercard, Moneybookers, UseMyWallet, Neteller, check or eWalletXpress.

Review of Party Poker’s Room

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party poker review Review of Party Pokers RoomParty Poker is a very well respected online poker site that has been online since 2001. Party Poker is one online poker site that players can go to knowing they are going to be able to get in on a lot of great poker games any time they feel like they want to play. Back when they allowed US players, they were the world’s largest online poker site. They still have a lot to offer their customers, though.

From the moment a new player goes to the Party Poker site they will see that it is a very busy and popular online poker site where players from all over meet up to enjoy playing poker in a great environment that can be counted on to entertain them and offer them a lot of opportunities for as long as they remained logged in and want to play.

Games: Party Poker is most known for its ability to offer online poker players some of the best Texas Holdem games online. The Texas Holdem games here are always in full swing. Some of the other games available for player to enjoy at Party Poker include Omaha, 7 card stud, and many other poker variations. One thing a player can count on with the games here is that there is always going to be some great competition and plenty of table choices which have various numbers of players.

party poker tournaments Review of Party Pokers Room

Promotions: One of the first things that will capture a player’s attention when they check out the promotions section of Party poker is that this site offers many different bonuses and promotions. There are a very impressive number of promotions here which allows players to get in on a lot of opportunities.

One great promotion is the Bad Beat Jackpot. This promotion will allow players to have the chance to not feel so bad when they lose. Any player interested in this or other great promotions will want to read all of the information on the promotions section of the site so they make sure they understand the rules and conditions of the promotions. Also for new players, you can receive a 100% Welcome Bonus worth up to $/£/€100.

Software: Party Poker also makes sure its players can enjoy an error free gaming environment so they can concentrate on playing poker and having a great time rather than dealing with problems and issues. The graphics at Party Poker are also great and leave players feeling like they are sitting at a real table.

Party Poker also offers their players the ability to download the software on to their computers, or choose the instant play feature which will allow them to play directly in their web browser.

Customer Support: Party Poker also offers players all of the customer support they could want from the online poker site they play on. The customer support team can be reached by email and by telephone. They are available to assist their players 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is also a helpful FAQ section that can answer many of the players more commonly asked questions.

Site Navigation: Party Poker is a very user friendly poker site that makes it a point to include a lot of helpful information on their site so players can stay well informed of how things work on the site.

Deposit Methods: Party Poker provides players with many ways to deposit their funds into their online poker account so each player will be able to find the best one for them. The accepted deposit methods which are available at Party Poker include credit cards, NETeller, FirePay, Western Union, eChecksby, wire transfers, IGMPay, bank drafts, money orders, cashier’s checks, and checks. This gives players all of the choices they should need in order to make their deposits in a way that will work the best for them.

3 Card Poker Strategy for UB

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As with all casino games, understanding the rules is not enough in order to play well. A strategy is needed if a player really wants to win big. Much of the strategy for three card poker relies on common sense and some relies on an understanding of the odds. We know a lot of people who are playing 3 Card Poker at UB or other online poker and casino rooms want to learn some strategy so we have listed basic strategies below. If you don’t have a UB account use the referral code CASH110 for a special bonus!

One of the most basic pieces of strategy is to make sure that you play consistently. All of your bets must be of the same size to ensure that your bankroll is able to manage through the dry periods and the bad beats. The second is to make sure that where you do decide to raise your bets that you do so incrementally rather than simply go all in on a hunch. This is not regular poker, you are only playing against the casino here and there is no bluffing in three card poker. Either you have a hand worth playing or you don’t.

2.Bonuses and Freebies
When playing online remember that the casino bonuses are essential. Only play on sites that provide you with good bonuses and free bets. Make sure of the security of your financial details and all round reputation of the site that you are playing on. If you are playing in a casino refrain from any of the free alcohol that is being served as it will only impair your judgement and is likely to make you play a good deal more erratically than you otherwise might.

3.Placing Limits
Since the house needs a queen to qualify for a hand you should also be placing limits on what you require in order to play. Don’t be afraid to throw away that ante, in fact be ready to as you will only hit a pair twenty five percent of the time. Since the house requires a queen to qualify then this should be your benchmark also. Don’t play with the mindset of attempting to double your ante by calling every hand in the hope that the dealer won’t qualify. A queen or higher is not a high qualifying hand. Playing a hand lower than this and you are asking for trouble. By playing only higher hands you are maximising your chances for success.

4.Using the Pairplus
The pairplus side of three card poker adds a different strategic mindset into the game and requires strong self discipline in order to play the percentages. One strategy is to lay a pairplus bet for every hand after you sit down at the table. Keep placing the bet until you hit a pair or higher. Once you have hit that first pair or higher reduce your bets to one every four hands since you have only a twenty five percent chance of hitting that magic hand.

Once you are armed with knowledge of the rules and strategy of three card poker, you are ready to play the game. Remember always that above all, you are out there to have fun. Enjoy your game!

Brand New Site GameOn Poker

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All new at the Littlewoods Gaming network is a brand new poker site called GameOn Poker.

Littlewoods Gaming was established in 1923 and has been a trusted and well known name in the UK for a long time. Rest assured that Game On Poker will also get the most experienced and reputable poker experiences on the net.

Currently, GameOn has a 100% welcome bonus worth up to £200 for new players on their first deposit. Unlike many other poker sites that makes you earn all of your bonus money before you receive it, GameOn has decided that they will give you 25% of your total bonus upfront to play with. The other 75% is to be earned in a fashion similar to how you would at most other poker sites. You must accumulate bonus points to receive the rest of your bonus. 15 bonus points will earn you £1.

Also, there are satellites that are currently running now at GameOn Poker and you can win a chance to play in this year’s Irish Open, which takes place between April 2nd – 5th in Dublin, Ireland. These satellites are played every Sunday at 20:05 GMT until March 21.

The Irish Open package includes the $5,240 tournament buy-in, $1,260 for travel, $800 for 7 nights accommodation, $500 spending money and $200 towards exclusive events.

GameOn Poker’s game selection

One of the great things about GameOn Poker’s site is that there is a How to Play section that explains anything you want to know about the games that they offer, how the tournaments work, how to play multiple hands at the same time, how the jackpots work, etc.

They have single table, multi table and tournament games to choose for the following poker games: Texas Hold’em, seven card stud, seven card stud hi/lo, omaha hi, omaha hi/lo. Each game can be played either with no limit or pot limit on betting.

GameOn Poker also has Double or Nothing tournaments where half of the people who enter double up and the other half get nothing! With so many interesting ways to play, why not give GameOn Poker a try?

Beat the Brunson 10 Tourney

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This is a unique online poker tournament unlike any you’ve probably seen before. At Doyle’s Room, they are hosting a special bounty tournament in which you can receive $500 for beating any one of the three “Brunson 10″ poker pros that will be playing in this tournament. The three poker pros are Amit “Amak316″ Makhija, Chris “MoormanI” Moorman and Zach “CrazyZach” Clark.

In addition to the bounty out on each of the pros, every player participating in this tournament will have a bounty of $10 on their head. That means every player you knock out is another $10 for you.

Tournament Information

This tournament cost a total of $22 to enter. $10 goes to the prize pool. The second $10 is for your bounty chip.

The “Beat the Brunson 10″ poker tournament starts tonight, February 1 at 9 PM Eastern. In order to play in this tournament, you must have a DoylesRoom account. If you do not have one, you can click on the banner below to sign up.

Doyle’s Room Bio

Doyle’s Room is an online poker room that is endorsed by the one and only 10-Time WSOP legend Doyle Brunson, the most trusted name in poker. If you sign up at DoylesRoom, you can receive a 110% signup bonus worth up to $550 free on your first deposit. For existing customers, you can also take advantage of a 25% reload bonus.

Couple things to note for Doyle’s Rooms bonus:
1) Initial deposit of $30 minimum to be eligible to receive this bonus
2) You have to play a lot to be able to receive the whole amount of this bonus

The way the bonus works is that you get 1 Frequent Player Point (FPP) for every $1 Rake you contribute and 7 FPPs for every $1 tournament fee. You will receive bonus money in $10 increments for each 167 FPP you earn. If you played only tournaments with a $2 fee, like the one tonight, then it would take you approximately 12 tournaments per every $10 earned.

Any time is a good time to play poker at Doyle’s Room. There are hundreds of table games and tournaments with up to a million dollars guaranteed each week.

You can play any of the following poker games at Doyle’s Room:

• Texas Hold’em (Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, No Limit)
• Omaha High (Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, No Limit)
• Omaha Hi-Lo (Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, No Limit)
• 7 Card Stud (Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, No Limit)
• 5 Card Stud (Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, No Limit)

Doyle’s room is open to US players except for the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington State, and Wisconsin.