Lock Poker Room Features

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The poker room software offers many of your favorite poker room features. You will love the features of the various action packed poker rooms. We will be going over the features that you will find at the Lock Poker web site.

Poker Games

There are a variety of poker games that you can play. The traditional online poker games that are universally available are Texas Holdem, Omaha Poker, 7 Card Stud, Omaha Hi/lo and 7 Card Hi/lo.


In addition to those games, you will also find some other poker games that aren’t available at other poker rooms. This includes Razz, 5 Card Draw, 5 Card Joker, 5 Card Stud, Ace 5 Low Ball, Deuce 7 Low Ball, HORSE and Badugi.

Be sure that you are very familiar with the rules of any poker game that you are going to play for real money. The easiest way to do this is by learning the rules and betting techniques by playing each game for fun at the Play Money tables.

Poker Lobby

The poker lobby is easy to navigate. Simply check or uncheck the boxes that have the poker games, table stakes, limits and number of players that you want. This will show you the best remaining tables that meet all of these criteria.


You can choose between ring games (single-hand poker), sit n’ go tables (single table tournaments), or scheduled tournaments (multiple table tournaments that begin at a predetermined time). Each section will show you the best matching events that are available.

Poker Bonus

You can get a 200% bonus up to $4,000 when you use the bonus code THEFUTURE before you make your first deposit. In order to do this, you will first need to download the free poker software and sign up for an account. You will be able to enter the bonus code and

Player Notes

Want to remember something about a player? This poker room features allows you to add notes for any player! They have feature that lets you take detailed notes about specific players so you can easily remember tells or patterns you might discover about them. Make a note of their playing style i.e. ‘tight player’, ‘aggressive player’, ‘frequently bluffs’, ‘calling station’ etc… or if you find out their real name make a note of it so you will always remember.

To add a private player note, right-click on their user name and enter your notes in the provided text window. Click ‘update’ to save.

Table Chat

Want to chat with a player at your table? Lock Poker has poker room features for that, every table has a has a chat window so you can interact with the other players at a table. Simply type in your message in the text box under the chat window and press enter. Your message will be displayed in the table chat window.

Dealer messages are displayed in the chat window on each table telling the players what is happening on the table. After each hand the dealer message displays what the winning hand was and what they won with.

Don’t want to be bothered with dealer messages? Dealer message may be turned off by clicking on the ‘Dealer Message’ link below the chat window. A green light next to the dealer message link indicates that dealer messages are on. A red light indicates dealer messages are off.

Player messages are displayed in the chat window on each table for players to talk to each other during the game.

Don’t want to be bothered with player messages? Player messages may be turned off for all players. Simply click on the ‘Player Messages’ link below the chat window and all player messages will be turned off. A green light next to the player message link indicates that player messages are on. A red light indicates player messages are off.

Buddy List

Have a friend that plays on Lock Poker? Add them to your buddy list so you know when they are online playing, just another one of the poker room features. Double-click on their name and you will be taken to their table. When a player in your buddy list is online the table they are playing at will be listed next to their user name.

To add a player to your buddy list, from the lobby menu in the poker room lobby, click Buddy List to open the Buddy List window. From here you can add and remove players to your buddy list, or go to a buddy’s table by double-clicking on their user name.

Waiting List

Want to play on a table that is already full? Join the table’s waiting list. When a seat becomes available it will be reserved for you. You will be notified by a pop-up alert window when your seat is open.

Betting Slider

In No Limit and Pot Limit poker games you have a betting slider that allows you to select the bet amount you wish to bet, you may also simply type the amount you want to bet.

Play Money tables

Want to hone your poker skills before playing for real money? Lock Poker offers all your favorite poker games using play money. Every player starts out with 1,000 play chips to play with. If you ever get below 100 chips you may at anytime reload 1,000 chips to your account by requesting more chips. They will be instantly added to your account upon request.

Bovada Poker – Best US Poker

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Since the United States government has still neglected to deal with the issue of online poker, many of the top poker rooms are still avoiding the American poker market. While online poker is still booming overseas, the number of dedicated real money poker players in the US has steadily dropped since 2011.

There has been some reform in certain states: Nevada, New Jersey and California. However, these states can only set up poker rooms that can be used by players that reside in that state. The main problem is that there is not a large enough player pool in most states which is why the top poker sites always combine the poker players from all around the world.

One company, however, has stepped up to the plate for US poker, Bovada.lv. Bovada is an offshoot of the popular Bodog brand which was forced to pull out of the US market in order to gain a foothold in Great Britain. Bovada offers real money online poker rooms to players in every state which does not specifically have laws forbidding online poker. (Alabama, Florida, Hawaii, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah and Washington have laws against online poker)

Bovada Poker

Bovada currently has the largest pool of American players at their tables. This ranges from 2000 players during non-peak hours to upwards of 10,000 players on evenings and weekends.

The one feature that many online pros hate but amateurs should like about Bovada is that the tables are completely anonymous. This means that the usual poker tracking software won’t work. Poker tracking software is the lazy way to figure out what type of opponent that you are playing against. A good poker player should be able to reasonably figure out who they are playing against after about 50 hands or so. See Classify your Opponents for more details.

Besides that feature, you will find all of the amenities of your typical giant poker rooms like PokerStars, Full Tilt or Party Poker. Cash games are heavily featured, followed by Scheduled Tournaments. Both of these are very popular. Though, you may have to wait upwards of 10 minutes if you want to play a Sit & Go (single or double table tournament).

The newest feature to be offered by Bovada is the Zone Poker tables. In Zone Poker, you will be playing against other random people. The “table” that you enter will have many participants (100 or more). You will be seated at a table for one hand against the random opponents; you can choose to play the hand or Fold Now and be automatically moved to another table.


You can see from the picture above what I mean by the anonymous players at the table. All you get is a number and the amount of money that you have. If you would like to try it, you should first try the Play Money tables so you can get the hang of things. Of course, people don’t play the same when they aren’t playing for real money; but you will still get the general gist of things.

Depositing/Withdrawing Options

The main problem when you are from the US is trying to make a deposit into your player’s account. Bovada makes it easier than most. First, they offer the Visa credit card option. Most other smaller poker rooms don’t have this option. Unfortunately, this is the only type of credit card that Bovada accepts.

If you do not have a Visa, you still have two other options: Money Transfer and Rapid Transfer. Both of these rely on you calling an 800 number and setting up a money transfer at a local retail outlet that is near you. However, if you are a good poker player, you should only need to make that trip a couple of times to get your bankroll to a sustainable level.

Bovada’s real strength is the speed for which they get your money back to you when you make a withdrawal. They average between 2 and 4 days. You can compare that with the up to two weeks (or more in some cases) that you will find when you try to take money out at another gambling establishment.

Bovada offers real customer service representatives that will help you with any problem that you may have.

Online Texas Holdem Overview

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Texas Hold’em or just plain Hold’em is possibly the best known form of the poker. This is due to it being the game played in the World Poker Series at Binion’s Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas. The World Poker series has been televised since 1980 which increased the popularity of Texas Hold’em even more. Hold’em is also the game played in two series that is broadcast in the UK.

Since 2011, it has been increasingly difficult for American poker players to find a website to play at for real money. For the latest about USA Poker legislation, check out unitedstatespokersites.net.

New to Texas Hold’em? Don’t worry it is one of the best poker games for a beginner. Texas Hold’em is an easy game compared to Omaha Hold’em and 7 Card Stud where there are many more possibilities when trying to calculate the odds or even trying to count cards.

Texas Hold’em is played with a standard 52 deck of cards. In theory it is possible for up to 22 people to play the game but it is seldom played by more than 8 people. As with other poker games players can check, raise or fold.

The object of the game is to make the best poker hand using the two cards that you hold and the five common (community cards) cards in the middle of the table. A player can use either one or both of their hole cards or use the community cards for the hand, this is called playing the board but it can never be a winning hand as all the other players will have the same hand.

Online poker casinos have play money poker rooms where you and other players can practice and familiarise yourself with Texas Hold’em.

Maximum and minimum bets

The betting structure of the game can vary from game to game. For instance Empire Poker offers three types of betting structures; Limit Hold’em – there is a specific betting limit applied in each game and on each round, Pot Limit Hold’em – a player can bet what is in the pot, No Limit Hold’em – a player can bet all their chips at any time.

An example of Limit Hold’em is; the small blind being one chip and the big blind being three. Each bet and raise would be in increments of three therefore three chips is the minimum bet and ten chips (if so decided) would be the maximum bet in the first round and 20 chips once the cards have been exposed.

Pot Limit Hold’em makes the limit for the pot the size of the pot, so if the pot is 25 chips the maximum bet would be 25 chips at that particular time in the game.

No Limit Hold’em is just that no limit, you can bet what you have. This is the type of betting structure at most televised games, great for bluffing.

Blind Betting

Texas Hold’em has no conventional ante, but players to the left of the dealer need to place two bets known as the “blinds”. There are two types of “blinds”, a “big blind” and a “small blind”. The first blind, “small blind”, is a percentage of the minimum bet, usually a third or a half while the second blind, “big blind”, is usually the table minimum.

How to Play Texas Hold’em

The two players to the immediate left of the dealer have to post (push the bets to the center of the table) the blinds.

The dealer shuffles the cards and burns (discards) the top card, to prevent cheating. The dealer then deals each player two cards face down, the players then examine their two hole (down) cards and now the betting begins.

The first player to bet will be the one to the left of the big blind, he can either call, raise or fold but not check as a blind bet has been made. Once the betting has gone around the table the blinds may also raise, fold or call. The small blind will need to increase his stake in order to call. The big blind may also be required to increase his stake if there has been a raise.

This round is known as the pre-flop.

When the initial round of betting has been equalized, the dealer burns the top card on the deck, then deals three cards face up into the center of the table, these are community cards and they are known as the flop.

Players asses their cards and the three communal cards to see if they have the makings of a good hand. Betting follows, players who feel they have no cards of any value will at this stage fold.

After the betting concludes the dealer burns another card and deals another card (the turn) onto the table.

Betting is initiated by the player to the left of the dealer after the turn is dealt.

After the betting has been completed the dealers burns another card and deals final community card (the river).

Players can now use the five community cards and their two hole cards to create a five card poker hand.

Once again more betting occurs, after the betting has been completed all the cards are turned face up and the winner is decided.

Texas Hold’em Tips

There are some things to take into consideration when playing and these tips apply especially to online poker players.

The way in which a player is betting can indicate what types of hands they have.

The two cards that are dealt to you can also be used to determine if you are going to have a good hand. Ideally you should have a pair (high or low), consecutive cards, cards in the same suit or consecutive cards (fairly high) in the same suit.

After the flop players may know that they have the best hand possible, called nuts. When this situation occurs you need to tread carefully, by increasing the stakes to quickly the other players will catch on and fold. Under these circumstances you need to keep the other players betting for as long as possible so that you can increase the pot.

Full Tilt Poker Software

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full-tilt-poker-logoWhen it comes to online poker software Full Tilt has always provided one of the best platforms to play online poker. They have a capable software suite that can handle a ton of traffic and the countless number of features makes playing online poker better.

The software was actually designed by poker players and that’s why there are many convenient features, which we’re going to talk about in more detail after we quickly explain the simple steps for downloading the Full Tilt software to your computer.

Step-By-Step Full Tilt Software Download Guide

Full Tilt offers a download only poker room that’s compatible on Windows and Mac computers. The minimum requirements to run the software are extremely low and just about anyone with a computer that isn’t 10+ years old will be able to play at FTP.

Players will need to have at least Windows XP or Mac OS 10.4 or higher to install Full Tilt Poker. There is a “Download” link at the top right of the website that players can click on to automatically begin downloading the software to their computer.

When the software is done downloading the only step left is to register your account. When the software launches there will be a “create account” link that allows you to register your account in minutes. After that you can begin playing online poker.

If you happen to be running on Linux the only way to download Full Tilt is by using a Windows emulator. There are a lot of free emulators that you can download to your computer, which allow you to install/run Windows programs such as Full Tilt Poker.

Best Features on the Full Tilt Software

The #1 feature at Full Tilt Poker is Rush Poker, which is poker at its finest if you love fast paced action. Rush Poker is one of the main reasons to join FTP. They have a range of stakes that you can play and the player pools are usually pretty big. Ever want to see how you lost a hand and if there was something you could have done differently?


The FTP hand replayer lets you replay the hand how it was played at the table. The hand replayer can be opened on the poker table you’re sitting at.

You can also customize the feel of the poker room by selecting a 3D avatar amongst a huge group of uploaded avatars. There are also three table themes that you can alternate. You can change the table theme by right clicking on the table background.

If you like using hotkeys Full Tilt is programmed to work with various hotkeys. You can open up the cashier, hand replayer, tile tables, find a player, find a tournament and much more. The list of hotkeys that you can use is listed on the Full Tilt website.

If you’re sitting at a poker table and want some more action you can now join a new table instantly. You’ll be seated at a new table at the same stakes you’re playing and you can even choose the minimum number of players seated at a table.

The player notes feature at Full Tilt goes a bit beyond what most other poker rooms offer. You can write notes on players and also color code each player. For instance, you could color code players in red that like to buy pots off the blinds in position.

Head over to Full Tilt Poker now and get in on the action. The poker room is already boasting big traffic numbers again and the software is going to see many new upgrades in the future. We also expect mobile poker to be available soon at Full Tilt.

Play Lock Poker Tournaments

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Lock Poker had not previously been on my radar as a good place to play poker. However, I recently signed up with them and was able to play poker without any problems at all.

I even used this Lock Poker bonus code that I found. It is a 150% match on your first deposit of up to $500. That is a total of $750 extra that you can earn. You will even get access to 14 of the $500 freerolls that are only available to first time depositors.


Lock Poker was created in 2008 and they are the sister site of Lock Casino, which was created earlier. They didn’t have many players at all while the poker giants Full Tilt and PokerStars were dominating the poker scene.

However, they made the decision to move to the Merge Gaming Network which helps them achieve larger poker tournaments and a decent number of poker players at the tables most of the time. Normally, I see around at least 5,000 players online and 3,000 real money players at the tables when I log in during the evening.


Lock Poker offers a large selection of poker games including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, Hilo games, Razz, HORSE and more. You can also participate in 9 Daily $50 freerolls for depositing players.

If you would like to learn more information about Lock Poker or the bonuses that they offer, please check out lockpokerbonus.com.

Lock Poker Tournaments

Every Sunday, Lock Poker offers a $150,000 Guarantee Tournament. You can win a seat to this tournament in a satellite tournament throughout the week. The alternative is that you can buy a seat with cash ($109) or VIP points (10,900).

150 Seats to $150K


Lock Poker has announced a promotion that can allow you to win a free seat into the $150K Sunday Tournament. It is called the 150 Seats to the $150K Freeroll. In order to qualify for this freeroll, you need to earn 250 VIP points between the beginning of Sunday until 3:00PM on Saturday (the beginning of this weekly freeroll tournament).

The Freeroll is listed in the lobby as “150 Seats to 150k Freeroll”. There will also be a counter above which will show your progress in getting the 250 VIP points. Once you have reach that goal, you will be allowed to register for this freeroll.

The Top 100 places will receive a $109 coupon which can be used to enter the $150K Guaranteed tournament the next day.

Bad Beat Jackpot

bad-beat-jackpotLock Poker offers a Bad Beat Jackpot. In order to win this jackpot, you must play at a Bad Beat table. 50¢ out of every pot goes into the Bad Beat Jackpot.

You will also have to lose with at least a Four of a Kind of 7’s. The winning hand must have at least Four of a Kind of 8’s. The has to be at least 4 players dealt in at the start of the hand. The hand must also go to showdown. Players that are sitting out are not eligible for Bad Beat Jackpot.

Best Poker Sites for US players

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carbon-poker-tableRecently, there hasn’t been many good places to play online poker for American players.

Most of the online poker sites have left the market since April. A few have come and gone, but not many have offered much in the way of easy deposits.

You can still play poker online for fun at most of the best poker sites. But, playing poker for fun just isn’t the same. Everyone bluffs because there isn’t any actual recourse for busting out. People play differently when there is money on the line.

That means there hasn’t been an easy option for Americans like there was when PokerStars and Full Tilt were around. Most of the casual online poker players have stopped playing in the US.

However, if you are looking for an easy poker site like you remember playing at, let me suggest that you give Carbon Poker a try. They have recently made the move to start accepting US poker players. I recently signed up and started to play for the first time in several months, which felt really good to do again.

Carbon Poker wants to attract both the casual and the serious online poker players. For those who play a lot, you can get up to 35% daily cashback. There are lots of players online and you won’t have a problem finding a table or small tournament to enter.

carbon-poker-lobbyCarbon’s software is supported on both PCs and Macs. All you need to do is go to the download page and select the download for your device. Then you will need to create a free account in order to get started.

In order to play for real, you will need to put funds into your account. Carbon poker is known for having fast deposits and quick withdrawals. If you like free money, make sure you check out the bonus offered below.

You can also claim a $600 bonus when you are making your first deposit! All you have to do is use the Bonus Code: PNRBONUS when you make your deposit. The bonus is released to you a little bit at a time as you accumulate poker points through playing the poker ring games and tournaments. To learn more, take a look at this Carbon Poker review.

Carbon Poker Games

Carbon Poker has a lot of options for poker players. Of course there is a full line of Texas Hold’em games and tournaments. But there is also a lot of other poker games to choose between including Omaha, Stud and Draw poker games.

carbon-poker-casino-gamesYou can play in Tournaments, Sit N Gos, and Cash ring games.

There is also a Bad Beat Jackpot that is currently over $300,000. This jackpot can only be won if you lose with quad 7’s or better. You must use both hole cards when you are beaten to qualify.

Did you know that you can also play casino games at Carbon Poker? Well you can! If you get bored with poker, you can play casino games like blackjack, roulette, video poker and Caribbean Stud.

USA Poker Online

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Tip #12 – Playing online poker in the United States

All my tips in the past have been about how you should be playing poking against your opponent. In this case, the opponent is going to be played by the role of the ambiguous federal laws in the United States against “Internet Gambling”

This is not to say that online poker is legal where you live. This article is my resource to my faithful followers in the United States that like playing online poker and would like to continue playing poker online for real money.

The Federal Government considers internet gambling to be any wager or bet placed on a “game of chance”. For years, online poker websites that allowed poker players from the United States considered online poker a “game of skill” and therefore it didn’t pertain to the 2006 UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) law.

However, the shutdown of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker were not due to USA customers playing poker online. These companies were hit hard because of the way that these companies went about getting player deposits into their accounts. By intentionally mislabeling the transactions, the US Department of Justice was able to seek bank fraud and money laundering charges on the higher-ups at these companies.

Where is it Not OK to Play Poker in the USA?

Here are a list of States in America that have an issue with their citizens gambling online (online poker is included): Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington State, Wisconsin.

Of the states that I just listed above, most of these do not have specific laws punishing players that choose to wager. Here are some exceptions to that rule:

Illinois – The act of gambling online is a misdemeanor offense. You may or may not be allowed to sign up and play at a given gambling site.

Kentucky – Has made numerous attempts to ban the IP address of online gambling sites. There is a very strong possibility that a Kentucky resident will not be able to play at any online gambling site.

Louisiana – Louisiana has a law in place stating that it is a felony to gamble online.

Missouri – Heavily against any form of online gambling but currently not a crime.

Washington State – Washington has a law that states it is a felony to play online poker for real money in the US.

Then, there are the cases where the state already allows and regulates casinos and has a conflict of interest against the online gambling sites that operate outside of the United States. This would include Nevada (Las Vegas), New Jersey (Atlantic City) as well as some of the other states on the list.

Where can I still Play Poker Online?

With all of the confusion after the events on “Black Friday”, a lot of the online poker rooms are sparsely populated. The more popular poker networks may only have 1000 real money players or less. Some of the sites listed below have only had a couple hundred players online.

If you used to play at either PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker, there are still a few options left for playing poker online. One of the places that still accepts players from the US is PlayersOnly, which uses the PlayAces software. You can read more about PlayersOnly here.

One of the most popular online poker sites in the wake of Friday’s events is Carbon Poker. Carbon Poker offers a $600 sign up bonus and still accepts poker players from the United States. You can read more about Carbon Poker here.

Another site that is still open for business is Cake Poker. Read this review of Cake Poker for more information about this site.

One more option to consider is Bodog Poker. I also did a review on Bodog’s poker room which you can read here.

You can also take a look at Doyle’s Room. They are part of the Yatahay Poker Network and the site is named after poker great Doyle Brunson. I have a poker review about Doyle’s Room here.